Five people were injured as a result of a stabbing attack near a kindergarten in the port city of Guangzhou in China's southeastern province of Guangdong, national media the People's Daily reported on Monday.

The incident took place at about 07:00 local time on Monday (23:00 GMT on Sunday) at the kindergarten's gate.

According to the People's Daily newspaper, the five victims were hospitalised. 

However, the newspaper did not indicate how many of them are kids. Eyewitnesses reportedly saw at least two students lying injured on the ground.

The suspect in the attack has been detained, the newspaper added.

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People Injured in Stabbing Attack Near Kindergarten in China

Cultural activities were held Sunday at the Great Wall in Badaling, Yanqing district of Beijing to welcome the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games' 500-day countdown.

Artists from across China were allowed to put their paper-cutting works on show. During Sunday night, a concert that was accompanied by a light display was held to perform some Beijing 2022 promotional musics on the Great Wall.

The paper-cutting art and the Great Wall were the symbolic cultural elements of the Zhangjiakou and Yanqing competition areas of the Beijing 2022.

"500-day countdown is a landmark. I hope today's cultural activities can promote the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games to people all over China," said He Jianghai, deputy secretary of the 2022 Beijing Organizing Committee of Winter Olympic Games.

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Beijing 2022's 500-day countdown celebrated

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Iran has sentenced three teenagers to have four fingers amputated each as a punishment for stealing. 

Hadi Rostami, Mehdi Sharafian and Mehdi Shahivand, whose exact ages are not known, were handed the punishment on Thursday after a failed attempt to appeal. 

They were originally tried on November 2 last year on four counts of robbery at a court in the city of Urmia, in northern Iran close to the border with Turkey.

The trio have been in jail since their trial, and are still being held as a date for the punishment to be carried out has not been set.  

Iran has not released any details about the crimes. 

Nargess Tavalossian, a legal analyst for Iran International TV, said: 'Amputation as a form of punishment is rare in Iran. 

'To have this type of punishment there are 14 rules that all need to apply for the judge to order an amputation. 

'Judges usually avoid issuing such punishment by saying that 13 out of the 14 rules are met and amputation is therefore not required.'

The rules include that the property has to be valued over a certain amount, that it has to be taken from a secure space, and that it cannot be government property or taken during a famine - otherwise the punishment does not apply. 

Such punishment is also rare against teenagers, but the appeal court ruled that adolescents are not protected from the law.

Iran's penal code is based on a strict interpretation of Sharia law, which for first time thieves calls for 'amputation of the full length of four fingers of the right hand of the thief in such a manner that the thumb and palm of the hand remain.'

Second offenders face 'amputation of the left foot in such a manner that half of the sole and part of the place of anointing [during religious ceremonies] remain.'

For third and fourth-time offenders, the law proscribes life imprisonment and the death penalty, respectively.



Three teenagers sentenced to have four fingers amputated in Iran

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A woman is being investigated by police in Brazil after she bit a man's testicle off. 

The woman, named locally as Bruna, has admitted to the attack on September 5 - but says she only acted in self-defence when the man tried to rape her. 

She claims the man, named locally as Pedro, her neighbour, came into the bedroom of her home in Miguel Alves, northern Brazil, where she was with another man and assaulted her.


In a video which has since gone viral, she claims that the man - who she alleges is her pimp - pushed her on to her bed with enough force to break it, before trying to rape her.

She confesses to biting him twice in self-defence, though says she was unaware at the time that she had bitten his testicle off.

Local reports suggest that the man may also be her ex-boyfriend, and attacked her out of jealousy. She denied dating him.

'He climbed naked on the bed, he didn't even let the guy undress, saying it was him now,' she says in the video, according to a transcript from Corriero Braziliense. 

'Then, he took [his penis] and started attacking me. The guy was pulling him to get him off me, while he was pulling my hair.

'As he was already naked, on the bed, I took [his penis] and went - when my hair was pulled like that - I went downstairs... and bit it.

'Because women don't have the strength of men, understand? I went to his weak point. I bit.'

After the attack, the man was rushed to hospital in a serious condition, where doctors were unable to reattach the testicle.

The man received stitches, and was discharged the same day.

He claims that the attack was unprovoked, saying that he 'did not deserve what happened to him'.

Bruna said that she was raped twice as a child, and refused to become a victim a third time.  

Police opened an investigation into the case after the man's sister contacted them several days after the attack took place.

Detectives have carried out a medical examination on the man, and have since interviewed him and the woman.

A decision is still pending on whether one or both of them will be charged. 



Woman bites man's testicle off as he tried to rape her in Brazil

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Workers are taking their hammers to a controversial fish statue in Morocco that has sparked outrage and mockery from social media users. 

The statue, which shows two peach-coloured fish jumping into the air, is located on a roundabout in the coastal town of Mehdia. 

Demolition began on Thursday following a barrage of complaints, disdain and amusement from locals. 

One user called the phallic-looking fish 'pornographic', while others bemoaned the local government's decision to erect the statues instead of spending money elsewhere. 

'People in Kenitra and Mehdia told authorities they want reforms in the city. And authorities bring them these statutes,' one social media said.

'Pornographic fish. People in Kenitra asked for reforms, authorities [brought them this],' another posted. 

Mehdia, where the statues are located, is in Kenitra province but is not part of the city of Kenitra.

Kenitra city officials were keen to point this out, posting a statement on local government's Facebook page to distance themselves from the uproar.

'In response to the many complaints from citizens asking for the demolition of the sculpture representing two fish and located on one of the roundabouts in the town of Mehdia.

'We inform the public opinion of Kenitra, that the town of Kenitra has no relation with this subject, and that the sculpture in question is not located on its territory,' the City of Kenitra wrote on Facebook. 

Some Mehdia residents think the statues may have been the brainchild of the recently-elected municipal council president Abderrahim Bouras of the Istiqlal Party.

Bouras was elected in August 2019.

Despite the notoriety surrounding the phallic-looking fish, the name of the sculptor remains unknown. 



Moroccan town demolishes 'pornographic' fish statues

These are the top five regrets according to Bronnie Warean Australian Nurse.

Bronnie Ware

She spent several years interviewing patients in the last 12 weeks of their lives.12
What you can learn from this can change your life forever, if you really take these points to heart and start implementing change into your life.

"I wish Id had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me."


How true is it that in our lives we live on other peoples terms? We often get a job to please our parents.

When will you start living life on your own terms true to yourself? The truth is the only thing preventing you is fear. You must move out of this fear and take the risk to do what you want because only then will your life start to unfold in a way that excites you instead of the boring life that most people accept. 


"I wish I hadnt worked so hard."


It is very important how to relax and unwind at the end of the day, which is so important if you dont want to have this regret in your life. we must learn to create a work life balance and choose to enjoy every day.  


"I wish Id had the courage to express my feelings."



This is a big problem in our society. Often other people tell us to not express ourselves, as we will be judged by others, but if we dont express ourselves are we not just the same as a robot? I want you to think about how you can truly express yourself more in your life.

"I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends."



This is something that many people forget about. Unless you actively choose to keep in contact with friends you will lose them. There are no excuses for this, I have friends that are half way across the globe and I still keep in contact with them and video call them so that we stay in touch. 

"I wish that I had let myself be happier. "



How sad is it that this is in the top 5 regrets of the dying? There are so many people out there that dont let themselves be happy. You may be wondering why this is? A big reason is that they dont feel they deserve it. They feel unworthy. They may ask things like who am I to be happy, do I really deserve this? This is where self-sabotage behavior develops. 


These are the most common regrets; you can decide what you want to do with this knowledge you now have. You can either get on with your day and forget about this or you can choose to live your life differently and actively make sure that you never have these 5 regrets.

The choice is up to you.

Thank you for listening to me, I hope it has given you some inspiration


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See you next time!

Ben Ivey is an entrepreneur lifestyle expert, international speaker, Tony Robbins Strategic Intervention Coach, and the Lead Facilitator for Zero Suicide Systems Nu-Rekall. After overcoming his own self-sabotage in business, he now helps other entrepreneurs create business success whilst living an extraordinary lifestyle.Ben is the founder of the Entrepreneur Lifestyle Accelerator, supporting overwhelmed entrepreneurs around the globe that are struggling to create the success they desire. His events led by his trainers are now regularly held internationally, working with senior leadership teams of large companies such as Maersk, HSBC, and Coca Cola. Ben is also the founder of the Lifestyle Coach Academy, training lifestyle coaches with the coaching skills, knowledge and business strategies to build a coaching practice online.


Top 5 biggest regrets of the dying |

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The Top Five Things Youll Need to Do While Purchasing PPE
Unlike other IPRs, a registration with the competent authority is necessary to obtain any protection in China, a copyright comes into being automatically. It means that the right exists once the creative work is finished and is entitled to be protected by the law without further procedures to be undertaken. So, whats the point of copyright registration?
1. Valuable evidence of ownershipThe reason is simple. Despite the fact that copyright generates naturally, the evidence of ownership of the copyright doesnt generate itself automatically. However, for any administration, civil or criminal enforcement of the copyright to be initiated, the evidence of ownership is a preliminary condition. Its not practical to show the competent authority a heap of original manuscripts on your laptop etc. A simple presentation of the certificate of copyright registration will save you a lot of time and trouble.
2. Registration helps protect other IPRsMoreover, registration of copyright is a supplementary tool to protect other types of IPRs, such as design patents and trademarks.

3. Longer protection periodAnother benefit of copyright registration is: once the registration is finished, no extra fee will be needed to maintain its validity. The period of protection for the moral right of publication and economic rights, meaning the right to exploit the work for economic gain, is usually 50 years (if the right holder is an institution) or lifetime of the author plus 50 years. While, a design patent has a limited term of 10 years and a renewal fee has to be paid once every ten years for a trademark.
4. Scope of protectionTechnically, most creative works are protectable in China, including traditional ones, such as films, paintings, books, music etc., and others, such as a database, choreography, computer software, APPs for smart phones etc. The prerequisite for a work to be protected by copyright law is that it has to be original and reproducible in one way or another.
5. Shorter and easier registration procedureAny individual or entity can register their copyrights via the official website of the Copyright Protection Centre of China (CPCC). If the applicants dont have  premises in China, then they need to hire an agent to do that. Once all required documents are submitted and the official fee, depending on the type of the work, has been paid, the certificate of registration will be granted within 2 months.

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Benefits of Copyright Registration




Cawfee break

Pride, prejudice and the story of New York English

Sep 19th 2020 | words 841




THE MOST effective form of birth control known to man, said Lewis Grizzard, is a Bronx accent. The late newspaper columnist from small-town Georgia enjoyed teasing northerners. But it is hardly just American southerners who take digs at New Yorkers English. Coffee Talk, a venerable sketch on Saturday Night Live, a long-running comedy show filmed in the city, featured few memorable jokes per se, instead leaning heavily on exaggerated vowels like those in cawfee and tawk. The accent itself was the punchline.


There are, in fact, many New York accents: African-American and Puerto Rican New Yorkers do not talk like Woody Allen. The city has been replenished by a constant stream of immigration (foreign and domestic) since its founding. When Nicolas Heller, a film-maker, recently held a competition on Instagram to find the best New York accent, hundreds of entries were submitted, reflecting that whole rich spectrum. As an account of the contest in the New York Times put it, New York English is not a single accent but rather a baseline indignationas if the speaker cant quite believe theres even a need to have the conversation.


In her new book, You Talkin to Me?, E.J. White of Stony Brook University celebrates the disputatious, never-let-them-call-you-a-sucker language that is New York English. Ms White reckons a conversational manner that might be called assertive by, say, polite Britons, is, for New Yorkers, not rude but the opposite: a sign of engagement, and therefore of warmth. Patient, slow-paced styles can, to the New Yorker, seem aloof.


In New York, as in Britain, accent signals class. The Cawfee Tawk accent, in particular, is working-class, but there was once an aristocratic New York speech which it echoed. Like the working-class kind, this was r-less: think of upper-class Franklin Roosevelts the only thing we have to feah It shared the round vowel of toity-toid (thirty-third); Teddy Roosevelt, Franklins distant cousin, said burn a bit like boin. But high-class New Yorkers also shared traits with British speakers, such as keeping the t-sound in butter (buddah in Cawfee Tawk).


In elocution classes in the mid-20th century, many Americans were still taught a version of English that in some ways mimicked upper-class New Yorkers. But then, Ms White argues, people elsewhere began to see the city as an alien immigrant entrept. This dragged down the image of the citys accent; Teddy Roosevelts boin became associated with the poor. The locus of true American speech, in the popular mind, became the Midwest, with its hardy northern European Protestants and their r-laden speech. This is why todays General American sounds more like Nebraska than New York. Ms White notes that in the recent Avengers films, Captain America, though brought up in Brooklyn in the 1930s, speaks General American. Clowns and villains tawk like Brooklyn; superheroes, never.


William Labov, a linguist, pioneered the field of sociolinguistics by rigorously studying the New York accent, not least in an experiment he conducted in 1962. He went to a high-class department store (Saks), a middle-class one (Macys) and a working-class one (S. Klein, now defunct). In each he asked where to find an item he knew was on the fourth floor.


Sure enough, the r in both words was least often pronounced in S. Klein, and most in Saks, even though the employees all came from the same social milieu. New Yorkers know how their accent is perceived; those working in Saks buttoned up their English. So did many participants when Mr Labov asked them to repeat themselves, pronouncing the r the second time around as his Excuse me? made them self-conscious. A recent recreation of Mr Labovs experiment looked at episodes of Say Yes to the Dress, a television show that followed shoppers at a New York bridal store. Sure enough, assistants emphasised their rs when serving customers with bigger budgets.


In many countries, the speech of the grandest or most powerful city is the most prestigiousthink of Parisian French. Yet many Americans despise the accent of their countrys biggest city. New Yorkers dont care. Mr Labov introduced the idea of covert prestige: that even derided accents and dialects have a value to their speakers, as a key to their identity and a store of values and connections. New Yorkers may sometimes sound as if they hate each other. Deep down they know they live not in the capital of the United States, but of the world.




Economist | Pride, prejudice and the story of New York English

Ransomware is known to have serious consequences, but one of the latest attacks might have been fatal. BBC News reports (via MIT Technology Review) that prosecutors in Cologne, Germany have launched a negligent homicide investigation after a Dsseldorf University Hospital patient died following a ransomware incident. The attack hampered emergency services on September 9th, forcing healthcare workers to send the patient to a hospital 19 miles away for vital treatment.

Local media claim the hackers were targeting a different university and didn't mean to compromise the hospital. They reportedly provided the ransomware decryption key for free once they realized their mistake.

Whatever the intentions, this may have been an avoidable breach. The intruders exploited a known security flaw in Citrix's VPN software, and Germany's cybersecurity authority said it warned of the vulnerability in January. It's nothing new for institutions to fall short on security, but this misstep appears to have been deadly.

If the investigation establishes a connection, it could be one of the first deaths directly linked to a cyberattack, according to former UK security executive Ciaran Martin. If so, the loss might spur hospitals and other critical facilities to tighten security and prevent future tragedies.



Ransomware may have led to the death of a hospital patient

SPACs are going to rule the world, or at least, Chamath's future portfolio.

Chamath Palihapitiya,  the founder of Social Capital, has already tripled down on SPACs, the so-called blank check vehicle that takes private companies and flips them onto the public markets. His first SPAC bought Virgin Galactic last year, and his second SPAC bought Opendoor this week in a blockbuster deal valuing the instant home sale platform at $4.8 billion, less cash. His third SPAC officially fundraised in April, and has yet to announce a deal.

Now, it looks like he's going to double down on his triple down. After the bell rung on Wall Street this Friday, the venture capitalist filed three new SPAC vehicles with the SEC. Social Capital Hedosophia  Holdings Corp. IV has a headline value of $350 million, Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp. V has a headline value of $650 million and Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp. VI has a headline value of $1 billion.

Those headline values are targets: each SPAC will need to go through an investor roadshow process and officially raise capital before they can begin trying to find an acquisition target. Each SPAC is independent, and may share investors or have entirely independent investors around the table.

The three new SPACs share similar managers: Palihapitiya himself; Ian Osborne, who manages Hedosophia; Steven Trieu, the CFO of Social Capital; and Simon Williams, the chief administration officer of Hedosophia.

However, each has a different fifth director, who perhaps sheds some light on how each SPAC differs in strategy. Nirav Tolia, a co-founder and former CEO of popular social network Nextdoor, is joining the fourth SPAC. Jay Parikh, a former head of engineering at Facebook, who left earlier this year, is joining the fifth SPAC. And finally, Dick Costolo, the former CEO of Twitter and current venture capitalist, is joining the sixth SPAC.

We've been talking about the accelerating pace of SPACs this year, and that appears in microcosm here around these Social Capital vehicles. It seems as though Palihapitiya and Hedosophia not only have great ambitions for these vehicles, but are increasingly mechanizing the process of fundraising them and taking advantage of markets that seem excited for any avenue toward growth.



Chamath Palihapitiya unveils $4.8 billion SPAC deal